Idealights Indonesia is a young company providing creative, inspirational, and unique services, from print to digital media.

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About us

about us

We provide our clients with comprehensive services, from strategy, planning and execution. Exploring creative ideas, building strategies, executing above- and below-the-line campaigns, and implementation for your business brand.

  • Vision
    To be the go-to agency for creative solutions for all companies and industries.
  • Missions
    To provide world-class advanced creative solutions in a professional and timely manner. We aim to grow out team from within to tachkle every obstacle head-on.

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Every company needs good branding. We provide full service solutions from initial branding to rebranding.

2D/3D Creative Design

We come up with an idea when you need one. Our team will brainstorm a solution for your every need.


Our team curates high quality images for your brand to tell a story or to sell your products and services in a professional manner.

Print Advertising

Design and create print advertising for all brands. We reach out to outlets for media placement for online and offline ad space.

Email Marketing

Keep your lovely clients updated about your company with sending them the latest information by email.

Package Design

Create the perfect package design for your products with the right information and get customers interested

Social Media Management

Social media is critical to every business for growth and awareness. We create, maintain and manage your content to ensure that the right message is spread to the consumer. We ensure that your social media content will lead directly to awareness, loyalty and / or sales.


We research, design and develop in an infographics to transfer interesting manner to your customers.

Strategy Planning

We help plan, develop and execute a marketing strategy for your brand and company aligning with your corporate goals and KPIs.

Website Development & Maintenance

Going online is a requirement for a company to expand. We create interactive and functional websites, to meet your online requirements.


SEO and SEM will get you the leads that your business needs to garner increased awareness and traction eventually leading to sales.

PR Services

We are powerful, proactive, and passionate in our public relations efforts, and we deliver the results that our clients seek.

Motion Graphic

We create interesting animation video with useful information about product, services, encyclopedia etc.

Video Production

In-house video creation and editing for promotions, advertisements and company profiles.

Influencer Marketing

With the fall of traditional outbound marketing, influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to attract customers and clients.

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July 10, 2018

How to Use Social Media to Attract Employees and Not Just Customers

In today's digital world, who you work with is becoming more important than who you work for. While social media is useful for attracting potential customers, have you ever considered that it could also be used to recruit new employees? You can improve your company's social media presence, build an audience for your brand, and increase engagement to find the best job candidates for your open positions. Check out this article below and you'll find the tips to attract employees not just customers!

July 10, 2018

How to Manage Social Media Without it Taking Up All Your Time

How much time should you spend on social media? Just because social media never sleeps doesn?t mean that people who manage social media have to. Use scheduling tools enable you to plan your posts in advance so you don't have to be on social media every time you want a post to go out. What are these tools? Read this article below and find the tips how to manage your social media without taking up all your time.

July 09, 2018

6 Tips for Engaging Facebook Ad Creative

The success of your Facebook advertising campaign relies on a mix of creative design and the right targeting. To increase engagement on Facebook, you need to create content that is not only relevant but personal too. How to attract people with your Facebook ads? Check this article below and this article will help you create engaging visuals for your Facebook Ad Campaigns!

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